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Internship Program – A Bridge Towards the Real World

Based on the report from management consultants McKinsey recently published, there is currently an alarming gap between the human resources available to what is actually needed by industry job. Based on these report, the demand for skilled labor and educated workforce will increase from 55 million to 113 million in 2030, equivalent to an increase of almost 60 million workers. This requires our education sector to be able to print out graduates who are able to meet the demand for jobs industry both nationally and internationally.​

By reducing the gap in the education sector widening , it will also play a role in ensuring the future growth of the Indonesian economy . One solution is to carry out the implementation of the education system tailored to the needs of the students to face the global challenges in the future . This means that students are not only equipped with academic ability but also the development of leadership and life skills (life skills and soft skills).

Binus University sought to answer that challenge through the flagship program 3 + 1 , which is studied in college for 3 (three) years to acquire competence in the field (technical skills) , then practicing academic science for 1 (one) year, as well as developing non technical ability, or soft skills.

The expectation of this program is, Binus graduates will be better prepared to enter to the working world . This is in line with the objectives to be achieved by 2018, where is 2 of 3 graduates will be able to work in a global company.

The one year program of practicing in the working world – known as Internship- conducted in the industry tailored to the interests and abilities of students, as well as the needs of the company concerned.

Especially for International Business Management Program, Internship Program in Semester 6/2015 is a Pilot Project . The number of students are 58 people spread across 25 Companies of diverse industries . In contrast to other courses , IBM students will only take for 1 semester or six months to do the internship. In the next semester followed by the preparation of the final task.

Considering that this is the first time Internship program for IBM , of course, there are still many shortcomings that occur. Some concerns in the implementation at this time are:

  • The compatibility between IBM program which is emphasize on International Business, with the availability of the global companies listed in Binus.
  • The compatibility between agreement during an interview with the placement
  • The compatibility of student interest or ability with the job task in the field

Regardless of the existence of some obstacles and problems that occur, this program will give very good and positive impact for all parties, both for Binus University and students, and especially for industry.

“This internship program is very beneficial for me. I got to learn new things and gain experience of working in a company. I hope that this program will be a good start and bring advantages for my future career path.” (Naila Munaf, Intern @PSI)

“My Internship at PT. Robert Bosch was for me a new challenge and my step to get my career. It gave me the chance to learn more about how to improve my skill and also to always do something perfectly. The most valuable aspect of this internship is the opportunity to know many people and work with them. Even my task was not always easy and simple but it was definitely a rewarding experience.” (Sunaringtyas Rindang, Intern @Robert Bosch).

“Company got a lot of benefits from an intern student because he’s active intern that has curiosity for some essential things about digital advertising, digital media, and digital business in general. I also tried my best to accommodate his passion about it and will continue doing it. One of my input for university is to keep communicating with the students personally to know deeper about their very first working experience and having them choose their best path.” (Nurul Imania, Site Supervisor @Micro Ad Indonesia).

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Selly Novela, ST, MM
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