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Multi Device Conversion Rate

Written By: Dony Saputra, S.Kom, M. Kom, MM

Measurement of multiple device Conversion Rate is needed as the development of multiple device technology and cross device marketing strategy that were develop by Google. As online buying can be done by mobile but seen on desktop or buy on desktop seen on tablet. According to google, Comparing in-device conversion rates in a multi-device world can be misleading. Mobile devices that have done the hard work of reaching and informing potential customers are not given credit for their contribution to conversion, while desktop devices see their conversion rates rise by virtue of their better user experience coupled with the impact of being used less as a research device. Mobile looks like it is underperforming while desktop is soaring, concealing the essential contribution of mobile to growth in both visitors and customers. If you’re relying on in-device conversion rates, you could underestimate the growing importance of mobile, ignoring its vital role as your modern-day digital store-front and starving it of investment with damaging consequences for your business strategy.

Based on that problem google create a new a new metric to try and capture the true conversion growth of all devices: Multi-Device Conversion Rate. By formulating it as below:

Multi-Device CvR=(CvR on Desktop/ Visit on All devices) + (CvR on Tablet/ Visit on All devices) + (CvR on Mobile/ Visit on All devices)

Mathematically, this makes it possible to compare conversion rates between devices as they are all calculated off the same base. It also means that it is possible to see how each device contributes to the overall conversion rate across all devices as it is now possible to add all the conversion rates together. The focus should always be on growing the conversion rate across all devices as this is the metric most similar to the conversion rate of old when all traffic and conversions happened on the same device and it best compensates for user movement between the devices.




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Dony Saputra, S.Kom, M. Kom, MM
Deputy Head of IBM | SoBM
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