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It Does not Always Run Smoothly (a Case Study in the Middle of Internship Program Even Semester 2015)

Written by: Selly Novela, ST, MM

Actually, Internship program conducted by the university is an off-campus learning program, where students are expected to learn through practice soft-skill directly. In the program, there is a reciprocal relationship of mutual benefit between university and industry.

Implementation process of the internship may occur after there is a match between the needs of the company and the availability of intern candidates. The selection process conducted by the company also follows the selection process of new employees in general. Starting from administration selection, general selection and finally interviews, it is expected that after the process is passed, students can immediately follow the program during a specified time well.

But what happens if in the middle of the program, the company stated that some of students who practice in the firm, turned out to be otherwise not in accordance with the expectations of the company. The company carried out the assessment criteria based on the achievement of the set targets, as well as the behavior shown during the work.

This is the case in a reputable company in Jakarta, where there are more than 10 Binus University students were followed for 6 months internship program. Not even running two months, students were faced with the choice of whether they would resign voluntarily, or will be refunded by the company to the campus because they did not provide the expected performance. Of course this statement raised the excitement and confusion of students. Because resigned from the program means they will be failed for 16 credits, which is a sizeable number during one semester. To follow regular class is no longer possible because the course has been running for two months.

To solve this problem, the college and the company sat down together to discuss current conditions. From the results of talked with the company obtained some points regarding the reason they gave preference to students:

• Students are considered less maximum efforts to achieve the targets that have been granted

• Student Activities considered less than optimal

• They always demanded to be given direction and guided to complete the task

• The company hopes the students give the results of the cost incurred.

While the results of talked with students gained some input as follows:

• Students feel that the company failed to give direction well

• Some of the units in the company looked contradictory, and made students should back and forth in doing something

• There is no coordination within the company related to the task given to students

The conclusion from the analysis:

• The given target is not likely to be finalized within a very limited time. Company realized that there should be an adjustment to choose which one is possible to be done

• The business character of the company requires tangible results, which can be obtained only through maximum hard work

• The Company is very demanding, while the students are not familiar with the working rhythm filled with demands results

• Students show the less effort, easy to give up and desperate

• Students are so spoiled and was not prepared with a demanding work environment

Finally, both parties agreed to make adjustment to the initial target, and student performance will be assessed based on the output that has been generated.

Lesson Learned from this case:

  • Learning Plan or Agreement and initial discussion on the job description should be clear and detailed since the beginning
  • Prior to the selection and recruitment process, intern candidates should already understand very well the demands of the work presented along with benefits and risks that would be obtained
  • Communication between all parties should conduct well.
  • The Company has the right to require students provide output that has been targeted. However, students still need to learn, which in some cases, the process takes time.
  • University should be able to capture the needs of companies and prepare students to be more ready to plunge into the world of work.
  • Conduct a briefing session only for half a day ahead of the implementation of the program it’s not enough to be able to face the increase of challenges and demands of industry recently.​​

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Selly Novela, ST, MM
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