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Challenges of Education for the world

Challenges of Education for the world

By: Astono Sungoro, Novita

Education is a crucial factor for people to succeed in the world, as people faced more challenges in their life, the knowledge gained through education is making them use their mind optimally in the modern human environment. Education helps people to achieve their dream, career, and their desire to study.

In this globalization era education played an active role to support people to be qualified to perform tasks effectively and efficiently. There are 99 millions of euro invested in education programs, 112,489 education workers trained last year by plan international, and 2,390 schools constructed or rehabilitated in 2015 based PLAN INTERNATIONAL.

There are so many challenges in educating people such as:

  • The challenge of education in this globalization isn’t about the student but also the teacher.

For example, The Teacher also needed to raise their status of teaching as a career choice to attract more compatible people into teaching and developing their talent.

  • The government needs to re-design their curriculum to prepare student facing the new challenges and working in the 21st century.

For example, we can add some new curriculum such as E-sport, Apps.

  • In educating we need to provide more flexible learning arrangement at school to attract the students to do their passion.

For example, the teaching methods of schools have been unchanged for Developer, Advance Internet developer, etc. The student divided into some various group such as their age, year levels, and their progress. their tend to be placed in mixed-ability classes with their teacher delivered the curriculum for the year level they are teaching and the students are graded on how well they perform on that curriculum rather than how well their progress are

  • The fourth is to identifying and meeting the needs of some student, there are so many students who are at risk of falling behind in their learning and to find their individual learning needs.

For example, there are some various wide differences between one student to another in their levels of achievement they got in learning areas such as reading, mathematics. Some of them are already well behind a year level or maybe two and they will remain behind throughout their schooling we need to find this student and give them some tutor so they weren’t left behind at the end of the school.

  • We need to motivate them so they believe they can do what they’re capable of doing something in their way. We believe that motivate can boost their confident so they’re ready to face a whole new challenge in today issues. Motivate them also can increase their productivity level when they’re doing some of their jobs and decreasing the chance of being a failure.
  • Today student now days need to study some of foreign languages. As we know the globalization making us communicate with people around the world with the fast access to the information but when the people couldn’t understand their languages the information that they caught will tend to be false because of the miscommunication they had.


This is the challenges that we need to face in globalization era. People need to understand that in the future people will face a lot of challenges more than this, so we need to prepare them as soon as possible to build a better future for us all.

To face the challenges we need to learn some of the basics. Some of the basic that we need to learn is communication through different languages, respect each other, their religion, and even their culture. We need to learn the language to eliminate the barriers between one country and another.

We can try by learning their language first. People need to be respected when they want to be respected that all apply when you already respect others when you respect other they will respect you this makes people comfortable when they are doing their job or event and doing their activity because they feel secure when they’re being respected by people.

Not only that, we also need to learn their culture and religion so people will not misunderstood what is wrong and what is right. This is the hardest part when it comes to learning .We are aware that in this world there are more than 1 religion and culture that’s why we need to learn this, so we can eliminate this kind of barriers that make us divided into groups.

In my opinion, beside all of the Education we learn at school we also need to learn when it comes to interact with people so we can make a better world for the future

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Novita, S.Kom, MBA
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