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By : Tony, S.E., S.T. (Alumni Assistant of Management Laboratory)

My changing life story began when I started to study at BINUS University. The first thing that I did was starting to draw my own map for the next 5 years’ campus life. I still remember the first time when I was presenting about myself, many people were laughing at my presentation style. Gratefully, I was not giving up and down at that time, because I believe anything is possible as long as we want to make it happen. I know that I have to know my limit, and then break the limit in every single challenge. Besides that, we need to accept our self-regarding of strength and weakness, because the person who knows you the best is ourself. It was what I did during this 5 year. It was always remind me that 5 years is not a long time, that was the reason why I never forget every single learning part of every single moment that I have chosen in my campus life. I have learned that I can pretty much do anything I have wanted to as long as I have a willingness to do it.  I put it as the important  value and basic part to continue my next journey. It means that our time is limited regarding  the campus life. That’s the reason why we need to do something that is really useful and impactful for our future.Things will not happen until you try. I will never know what will happen if I never try to apply for Baidu International Marketing Conference in Beijing.

I will not ever regret to take a part in many student organizations and leadership development (AIESEC, A Taste of L’Oréal, Baidu Campus Ambassador, BIIBC, BSLC, Bucharest Summer University, Buddy Coordinator, Global Leadership Experiences – Common Purpose, HIMTRI, Laboratory of Business Management, Teach for Indonesia, Training for Trainee and Unilever Future Leaders League). It has created me to become who I am today, got many mentors and friends from many sectors. Many people are only see your result, they never see your process to achieve the result , the way to achieve it is not easy. During the process, I have made a lot of mistake, bad decisions and facing many failure, it will not even have made me down, but it made me become stronger than before. Because it has taught me how to learn from every failure and not give up easily for everything that I do.

Being a student is really a good opportunity to make a mistake and learn from the mistake. Because University is a kind of temporary place that gives us simulation before you enter the ‘REAL WORLD’. It is a place that will give you and facilitating you a 360 learning from end to end process. Do not be ever afraid of mistake, because mistake is one of the supplement that will take you to the next level and mistake is also our best friend that we will always face in our life.Find a mentor and role model to give you a motivation and suggestion regarding for the study. I believe everyone will leave a legacy in their university, it depends on what kind of legacy that we want to leave.

Having a campus life journey in BINUS University is giving me a lot of up and down experiences. One of them was working and studying hard with my colleges for pursuing this 5 years of study. It was not an easy job.No matters how difficult of assignment, lecturer, and laboratory, we still keep the solidarity and move forward for facing every challenge that we faced in those 5 years. Because I have an AMAZING SUPER CLASS (Management and Industrial Engineering BINUSIAN 2015) for its persistent, consistent, trust, and dreams. Everything become possible whe we face it together, along with motivate, support, help each other and WE DID IT. Finally, we have officially graduated from BINUS University. I think the graduation is not only you have finished your campus life, but it is also reminding us of our journey which is not only stop at here, but it has just begun and it is the time when we involve in contributing something for Indonesia to become better. Wish US all the best.

I think campus life will give us a life changing experiences, even campus life can change your attitude, character, principles the way of you think, the way you make a decision and the way you respect people. Being a student in University is a kind of grateful things, because not everyone can study in University. I want to say thank you to My parents that have become my behind the scenes for whatever I have achieved today. Thank you Mom and Dad for everything that you have given me since I was born. Although I was making you headache or being a stubborn one, even my parents were angry with me about going back late to home because of busy at organization, competition, research, and other things in BINUS, always ask me to go back home earlier, you still love me, accompany me and give me your perspective when I was down and failure. For me, my Mom and Dad is a super Mom and Dad who are always motivating me, give me their life principle, character and supporting me in every single decision that I take. Besides that, I also want to thank my Sisters who are always supportevery activity in my campus life, always accompany me for doing my thesis, give me their perspective and motivation regarding for my study. Today (graduation day) I did not expect that I could get the WIBOWO Award, but suddenly they announced it in the end of graduation, I was very surprise, but what I did and contributed for this 5 years has paid off. Thank You for the WIBOWO Award. I dedicated this to my family, super Mom, Dad, and three sisters.

Thank You to my primary, junior and senior high school teachers who were teaching me to become an useful person for the people who are living around me, and also who always motivate, support and say ‘Tony, You are Smart, YOU CAN DO IT,’ during I studied at Primary, Junior and Senior High School. Without You, I am nothing. Your contribution is never be replaced by anything. I hope everything is good there. Happy Teachers Day.

Thank You to BINUS, lecturers, and staffs of BINUS University especially in School of Business Management and Faculty of Engineering, Laboratory of Business Management (Ms. Yulieni and team) for providing changing life journey, BINUS Student Learning Community, Student Advisory Center (Ms. Ria and team) for giving the unforgettable experiences as a Buddy Coordinator, Student Creativity Development Center (Mr. Robby and team) for supporting and guiding me regarding of the student organization, and Training for Trainee for the amazing trainer journey that I can share many things for student organization.

Thank You to my mentor; Prof. Harjanto Prabowo, Mr. Andreas Chang, Prof. Abbas, Mr. Sevenpri Candra, Mr. Haryadi, Mr. Henkie Ongkowarsito, Mr. Petrus Lakonawa, Ms. Yulieni, Ms. Natalia, Ms. Intan, Ms. Sri Widdyastuti, Mr. Cosmos, Mr. Edward, Ms. Anneta and many others, who have always give his/her perspective and support for every activity (Research, Organization, Conference, Competitions, and others development program) that I did in BINUS University.

Thank You to my thesis lecturer, Ms. Angty and Mr. Khristian who are guiding my thesis before I graduate from BINUS University.

Thank You to all of my friends from AIESEC, A Taste of L’Oréal (Ms. Faya and team), Baidu Campus Ambassador (Mr. Iwan and team), BIIBC, BSLC, Bucharest Summer University (Mr. Dragos and team), Buddy Coordinator, BC Artist, HIMTRI, Teach for Indonesia (Ms. Intan and team), and Unilever Future Leader League (Mbak Irma and team) for giving me the experiences that has changed my life. I still remember Mbak Irma said to me when it was the final day of UFLL “Tony, you are a diligent person and hard worker, I believe whatever you want to do, it will be success, you have a big potential”. Thank you Mbak Irma. (Big Hug)

Thank You to my church group who have supported and motivated me during my study in BINUS University. Thanks GOD for giving me everything that I need. I feel so blessed. I believe everything happens for a good Reason and Future.


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