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Industrial Engineering – Management


The Industrial Planning Concentration was introduced under the scope of the double program Industrial Engineering and Management in order to meet the demand from high school graduates wishing to follow a career in production/operation, marketing, finance and human resources, with the aim of achieving a position as General Manager. The combination of two disciplines - Industrial Engineering and Management – provides students with a thorough grounding in business models and management systems which enables graduates to meet the demands of the market. Catalog 2013 (PDF); Catalog 2014 (PDF)


Enhancing the sustainability of local and global community through research and innovation in industrial management


The mission of Management – Industrial Engineering program is to contribute to the global community through the provision of world-class education by :
  1. Preparing students with solid educational experience of design, analysis, management and improvement of industrial integrated system, and ability to conduct and implement high impact research which enhance quality of life
  2. Providing solid learning experience by collaborating with prestigious industry through creating the most creative and value added talents of leaders for global community as well as conducting professional services to improve the quality of life
  3. Providing high-impact research to enhance the sustainability growth of local and international community

Program Objective

The objectives of the program are :
  1. To prepare students for the contemporary practice of general engineering with a broad knowledge of principles of mathematics, science, engineering, and the use of computers
  2. To provide students with the methodological and computational skills to operate effectively through direct involment in problem solving required in Industrial Engineering practice
  3. To provide students with fundamental knowledge in Management Science & Business that they will need in management practices
  4. To provide students with Management and Business Skills integrated with IT and high Impact Research ( business, management, marketing, finance and business organization), providing adequate tools for business analysis in this areas
  5. To integrate students to a need for and to provide an ability to appreciate the global scope and contemporary issues within Industrial Engineering discipline

Graduate Competency

At the end of the program, graduates will be able to :
  1. Apply mathematics, science and engineering to the Industrial Engineering domain.
  2. Collect, analyze and interpret the data used in designing and conducting experiments.
  3. Design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints.
  4. Identify, formulate, and solve problems through Industrial Engineering approaches.
  5. Demonstrate and apply knowledge of management practices.
  6. Interpret and analyze current global business conditions.
  7. Demonstrate and apply critical thinking in current business cases, plan research programs prior to problem solving in business practises.
  8. Model, map, analyze and design organization business process and to implement business process management.
  9. Develop, implement, and analyze organizational performance management system and to develop dashboard management.

Prospective Career of the Graduate

Industrial Engineering and Management graduates will be able to use their acquired skills in a wide range of professions, as entrepreneurs, and working as management and business consultants, middle managers in a range of industries . By demonstrating the competencies listed above, graduates will be ready to face dynamic challenges of business. The type of works are doing are but not limited to:
  • Service Industry: Client Management, Commercial Banking and Real Estate, Financial Consulting, Health Systems, and Human Resource Consulting
  • Manufacturing Industry: Inventory Management, Logistics, Operation Management, Production Management, and Warehousing
  • Research and Development: Data Analysis, Environmental Protection and Preservation, and Human Factors Engineering
  • Business and Management: Business Strategy, Investment Banking, Management Analysis, Project Management, and Business Development
  • Information Technology: Computer Integration, Database Design, Telecommunication, and Web Development
  • Education: Teaching and Research

Course Structure

Sem Code Course Name SCU Total
1 ISYE6001 Introduction to Industrial System 2 20
MGMT6011 Introduction to Management and Business 4
ACCT6087 Introduction to Accounting 4
COMP6047 Algorithm and Programming 4/2
SCIE6017 Biology 2
English University Courses I
ENGL6128 English in Focus 2
ENGL6130 English for Business Presentation 2
2 CHAR6013 Character Building: Pancasila 2 20
SCIE6004 Physics I 4
ECON6005 Microeconomics 4
MGMT6012 Human Resources Management 4
MATH6045 Calculus I 4
English University Courses II
ENGL6129 English Savvy 2
ENGL6131 English for Written Business Communication 2
3 CHAR6014 Character Building: Kewarganegaraan 2 24
SCIE6005 Physics II 4/2
STAT6003 Probability Theory 2
ENGR6004 Technical Drawing 2/2
LAWS6075 Legal Aspect in Economic 2
MATH6039 Calculus II 4
ISYS6123 Introduction to Database Systems 2/2
4 CHAR6015 Character Building: Agama 2 24
MATH6004 Linear and Discrete Mathematics 4
STAT8069 Statistic for Business Excellence 4
ENTR6003 Entrepreneurship I 2
MATH6019 Calculus III 4
ECON6006 Macroeconomics 4
ECON8009 Managerial Economics 4
5 MGMT7013 Strategic Management 4 24
MGMT6051 Introduction to Business Process Modeling* 4
ISYE6039 Deterministic Optimization 4
ACCT6049 Managerial Accounting 4
MATH6048 Business Mathematics 4
ISYS6118 Management Information Systems 4
6 ENTR6004 Entrepreneurship II 2 24
STAT6096 Stochastic Processes 4
MKTG8005 Marketing Management 4
ISYS8088 Business Intelligence 4
MGMT6018 Operational Management 4
SCIE6007 Industrial Chemistry 4
COMM8006 Business Communication 2
7 MGMT7052 Performance Management & Measurement System* 4 24
ISYE6041 Engineering Economy 2
MGMT6055 Business Process Modeling, Analysis and Design 4
ISYE6069 Production Planning and Inventory Control 4/2
ISYS6125 Data warehouse 2/2
ISYE6006 System Modeling and Simulation 4
8 FINC6001 Financial Management 4 24
MGMT6056 Advanced Topics in Performance Excellence 2
MGMT7057 Business Process Measurement and Metrics 4/2
RSCH6005 Business Research Method 2
ISYS8089 Knowledge Management 4
ISYS6177 Digital Dashboard and Performance Management & Measurement 2/2
ISYE6043 Quality Control 2
9 ISYE6060 Leadership and Organization Behavior 4 10
MGMT6038 Cross Cultural Management 2
ISYE6059 Human-Integrated Systems 4
10 ISYE6030 Final Project 6 6
*) Entrepreneurship embedded -) For English University Courses I, student with score Binus University English Proficiency Test less than 500 will take English in Focus, and student with score test greater than or equal to 500 will take English for Business Presentation -) For English University Courses II, student with score Binus University English Proficiency Test less than 500 will take English Savvy, and student with score test greater than or equal to 500 will take English for Written Business Communication


The Table of Prerequisite for Management – Industrial Engineering (S1)
Subject Credits Subject Credits
MATH6019 Calculus III 4 MATH6045 Calculus I 4
STAT6096 Stochastic Processes 4 STAT6003 Probability Theory 2
MKTG8005 Marketing Management 4 MGMT6011 Introduction to Management and Business 4
FINC6001 Financial Management 4

Quality controlled examinations (UPM)

Student should pass all of these quality controlled examinations as listed below:
No Code Course Code Minimum Grade
1 CHAR6013 Character Building: Pancasila B
2 ENTR6004 Entrepreneurship II C
3 STAT6096 Stochastic Processes* C
4 ISYE6039 Deterministic Optimization* C
5 STAT8069 Statistic for Business Excellence C
6 ISYE6059 Human-Integrated Systems C
7 ISYS6177 Digital Dashboard and Performance Management & Measurement C
8 MGMT6051 Introduction to Business Process Modeling C
9 FINC6001 Financial Management C
10 ECON6005 Microeconomics C
11 MKTG8005 Marketing Management C
12 MGMT6012 Human Resources Management* C
13 MGMT7052 Performance Management & Measurement System C
14 MGMT6055 Business Process Modeling, Analysis and Design C
*)Tutorial & Multipaper


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