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Oleh: Martinus Fieser Sitinjak, SE, MM (Faculty Member of International Marketing)


How to Implement e-CRM System?

Several things are common causes of failure in implementing e-CRM are:

  1. People. Including: an incompetent CRM Consultant. Most of profider that offers e-CRM systems employ IT people who understand the technology but didn’t understand about the Customer Relationship Management concept. Moreover, They didn’t know anything about the marketing concept and are ignoring the company business process. Then the Management. Top management who is not committed to create change and employees who are not ready to accept the changes.
  2. Technology and IT Infrastructure. Poor infrastructure and inadequate company’s technology limited the development process. Once again, It requires the top management commitment.
  3. False analyse business requirements. Management mistaken and false in identifying business process functions within each department associated with CRM implementation caused ineffective implementation and not in accordance with the criteria and the needs of the company.

According to Forrester Research, the percentage of CRM implementation failure was 47% in 2009. This results showed the high failure in implementing e-CRM. Although indications show a decrease, but the value is still relatively high when compared with the growing number of companies whos were trying to implement e-CRM.

Successful e-CRM implementation is the responsibility of all levels of management. In order to avoid errors when analysing enterprise business process, all parties must be involved to produce a framework that suits each needs, so the company can determine the right e-CRM. Several important need to consider when the company will implement e-CRM system is:

  1. Support from Top Management. Top management must have a commitment when decided to develop e-CRM system for the results can not be seen directly. It takes time for each department and the individuals to learn and understand any existing applications. Readiness of the Top Management is an essential requirement before moving to the next stage.
    Top Management should establish a special team to run the implementation from the earlier stages. Marketing, Sales, Customer Service Center, Financial, and Logistics Department need to be involved in analyzing the company’s business at the earlier stages.
  1. Analysing Business Needs.Atthis stage, theteamhas been formedto analyzethe companywiththe followingsteps:
    1. Identification of company’s offers, customers, services, channels/partners, distribution, marketingandsalesinformation, workflows, interfacesand partieswhohavedirect and indirectrelationshipasan intermediarycompanytothe customer.
    2. Designanddevelopnewprocessesin aworkflowandbusinessneeds. Inthis stage, there should be a feasibility studyof the effectiveness, efficiency, usabilityandease ofthenewsystem. Thisimplementationmusthavea positiveand significantimpactonthe partiesor departmentsdirectly involved in theimplementationof the projectteam.
    3. Identification ofthe possibilities ofthegap, especially inthedepartmentof informationtechnology development. Also, thegapthat mayoccur inthe human resourceswithin thedepartmentthat will usee-CRM system
  1. Develop a new technology system that can support the development of systems for the foreseeable future. Any company that does not have experience in both management information systems which can be ascertained will have difficulty in competing with others who have experience with IT. Companies that still rely on the telephone as a means of interacting with customers can be assured will have difficulty competing. Any company that still rely on fax machines, copy machines, manual map will be difficult to develop market and minimum in develop competitive advantage.
  1. Enable Your Development and improvement of the employee performance who were in the department where the activity is directly related to e-CRM system.

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