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By: Velly Anatasia, S.E., M.B.A (Faculty Member of International Marketing)


Etude Indonesia also appreciate customers birthday. When the customers purchase Etude product while at that time is their birthday, Etude Indonesia will gives them birthday gift. The customers should show their identity to prove that day is their birthday. Moreover, Etude Indonesia also appreciate their loyal customers by choose one of customer who always visit Etude House, purchase regularly, and using Etude products for themselves to become Princess of The Month. The benefit for being Princess of The Month is the customer who elected can get Princess Choice Free Products, which she can choose any Etude products that she wants and gets it for free. The other way of Etude Indonesia try to give the best service for the customers is by provide free online consultation. In Etude Indonesia official website, there are four makeup artists who always ready to answer the customer questions. There are some tips for customers as well, therefore they can easily follow step by step how to use Etude products. Etude Indonesia tries to give the best service not only inside the stores, but also give the chance for customers who can’t go to the store to know more about Etude Indonesia by online. Besides faster, this approach is easier for customers.


Besides beauty workshop, In 2012, Etude Indonesia ever held big event with theme Pink Burlesque. Before the event was held, Etude Indonesia will give the invitation card for customers who went to the Etude House. The customers also can take the invitation card and give them to their friends. Those invitation cards could be redeemed into free welcome gift. In that big event, Etude Indonesia also collaborated with many Indonesian artists especially Indonesian famous singers. It held make up competition, K-pop dance competition, games, free nail art, free make over, and fashion show. That event was held due to Etude house launched new product called Dear My Talked Series, consist of compact powder, blusher, lipstick, lipgloss, and nail polish. Etude released more attractive color to play with, due to want to reach professional segment. This event was to prove that Etude House can be used a professional make up, not only for casual or office occasion. And the following year, in the same place-Taman Anggrek Mall with much fanfare, Etude comes back held the big event with theme “Beauty Carnaval and Healthy Face Movement Campaign”. This event was glorious and people get more excited to know more about Etude or join the activites that they provide. In this event Etude gives 40% discount for the whole products. There are also makeup competition, singing competition, dance competition, free makeover & nail art, and some beauty blogger who will introduce healthy face movement to the audiences. Healthy face movement is the campaign from Etude House Indonesia to sensitize Indonesian women how important their skins are, and encourage them to be more care with their skins. Using 3 ME: clean face before using makeup, make natural makeup with moisturizer, clean the makeup after day of activities. The customers can be participants this event by follow the 3 ME steps and then upload their video in the Etude House Indonesia Fun page. There is makeup demo as well, which is the beauty advisor will give the directions how to use BB and CC cream correctly.

Etude House Indonesia is successful to take over part of Indonesian cosmetic market share. In spite of have strong competitor like The Body Shop, Etude tries to be unique. Some threats are coming from the other competitor especially The Body Shop which also offers some discounts or big event in order to take the market share. It has similar marketing strategies like membership discount, partnership with commercial bank, even has donation program in some seasons like Ramadan. Therefore, in some points Etude also can benchmark successful ways of Body Shop who try to approach the customers. However, Etude has its own different marketing strategies. The tagline said “Wanna be sweet?” is making all women hope by using Etude products, they can be sweeter and more beautiful, and with theme “fairytale”, Etude Indonesia makes the customers feel looks like in the fairy story. The decorations of Etude House and the advertisements make people become more interest with the products offered. Moreover, the product design is attractive and colorful. Each launched products have their own theme which adjusted with different season. Those strategies make Etude continues to grow and become more advanced. Furthermore, the sales promotion girl in Etude House or in many the Etude’s big event dressed up like a princess. They try to attract the customers to be part of them or feel like they are treated as princess. This is what other competitors do not do. Moreover, there’s an opportunity for Etude to overcome the Indonesian cosmetics market due to cosmetic market in Indonesia is estimated to grow more than 16.9 percent to Rp 12.2 trillion (US$ 1.36 billion) in 2012 and estimated will increase year by year, according to the industry’s association. The increase is boosted by the usage of cosmetic products following the strengthening of consumer purchase power. By keep on going with those marketing strategies which already implemented by Etude House Indonesia, it optimistically can become one of leading cosmetics brand in Indonesian market.

This Etude case shows how company is supposed to be more creative in building strong brand and noteworthy marketing attributes in order to be a leader in the market. This is a  success story of one leading cosmetic companies is successfully enter the international market, and could be considered as good reference for the other companies.

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